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It is an alkali formulated product used for degreasing of iron and alloy produced parts. With its enriched formula it can be used for iron-steel and galvanised surfaces in a single bath.


It does not cause wear on the surfaces. It is safe to use.

It is not harmful to human health or nature, we recommend disposal after removal of the grease in it.


Its concentrated formula enables use of 5% solution. It is economical.

Maximum efficiency is obtained due to high saturation level.


Can only be used by immersion.

¾ of total volume of the bath is filled with water. NTR 1018 is added in parts to obtain a good mixture. Bath is filled to the working level with water; then parts to be cleaned are treated at 80 - 90 ˚C for 15 – 20 minutes. Rinsing bath, which is used after degreasing, must be clean.

NOTE: Process conditions and applications will be given to the users by the training and technical support.

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