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With its strong formula it immediately reacts with grease, cause deformation and absorbs. Since it is a very powerful degreaser it is very effective for cleaning of excessively greased parts.


Although it is composed of solvent-based compounds, it is absolutely inflammable. They do not have corrosive effect on metals.


Besides its economical price, less amount of SOLVE 502 is used to obtain the same result when compared with flammable substances like gasoline, fuel oil and thinner. Saturation level is almost twice of these materials especially for immersion applications. This enables getting more per unit of the product.


Applied according to the surface as immersing, rubbing, or spraying. Immersing is recommended for maximum effect. After the application pressured air helps increasing the evaporation rate.


In all industrial fields; it is used for removal of grease, dirt and humidity from all metal surfaces especially from iron, steel, copper, bronze and aluminium.
It is very effective for removal of sticky dirt from all of these surfaces.

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