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New technologies in hand disinfections: DISOL & DISOL JEL

We are main sponsor of general hygiene for The Educational Volunteers Foundation of Turkey

Products in solvent group have been launched in AEROSOL packs for easier usage

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  New technologies in hand disinfections: DISOL & DISOL JEL
2006225101440.jpg Bird flu have jeopardized both Turkey and the world. Fears have caused different approaches including removal of fowl from our foods.

According to the experts easiest measure will be to use practical, general purpose disinfections products.

Hand and body disinfections will make us resistant not only to bird flu but also for the other bacteria and infectious diseases.

Our new products DISOL and DISOL-GEL has a complete bacteriologic eradication on gram(+) and gram(-) bacteria.

DISOL is formed from alcohol based chemicals, its easy and practical to use, it is not risky for humans and nature.

DISOL is applied directly, no water or washing is required, it evaporates after disinfections by itself, mode detailed information about DISOL can be found under disinfectants group.
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